Why is My Home So Dusty?

Take a look around your home…

Did you notice the coffee tables, lamp fixtures, and other surfaces in your home are covered in dust?

Draw back the curtains and allow some natural light to peer in…

Do you see dust floating through the air as it passes through the sunlight?

Having this much dust in your home isn’t something to be proud of. In fact, having this much visible dust in your home means there’s a lot more of it hiding in areas you can’t see or don’t have access to. And this much dust indoors is terrible for your home’s air quality!


You Don’t Clean Enough (or Properly)

How often are you taking the time to actually clean your home? And when you are cleaning, do you know if you’re doing it in the best way possible?

If you find that your home is always filled with dust, you might not be cleaning it properly, you might not be cleaning enough, or both!

But have no fear! We’re here to help you adjust some of your dirty cleaning habits.

First things first, cleaning should be a regular part of your week. Get into the habit of removing clutter from your home, dusting, and vacuuming at least once per week (or more frequently if you have a bigger family or home).

  • Removing Clutter - On an everyday basis, make a conscious effort to not let “stuff” build up in any area of the house. Having a lot of “things” will allow dust to settle and go unnoticed, oftentimes being forgotten about. The more nooks and crannies there are in your home, the less inclined you’ll be to dust as well. If clutter begins to form, take some time to eliminate it.
  • Dusting - Once the clutter has been addressed, you can begin dusting your home (which will be a lot easier to do if there’s less clutter). Use a microfiber cloth on all surfaces, as this material grabs onto dust better than any other material. This important chore is one of the most ignored chores of ALL TIME! Do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes to dust your home — it’s well worth it!
  • Vacuuming - Many people will vacuum without dusting. Shame on you! Others will dust after vacuuming. Close, but no cigar! Vacuuming should be done only after you remove dust from the surfaces in your home. Why? While most of the dust will collect into the microfiber cloth, some of it will kick-up into the air and then settle back down — a majority of it landing on the floor. You’ll be able to remove the most amount of dust from your home if you save your vacuuming (or sweeping/mopping hard flooring) after you dust the house.

Your Ducts Haven’t Been Cleaned in Years

When you have a forced air HVAC system, you’ll have one of the most efficient cooling systems you can get.

In order to disperse this cooled air throughout your home, it will be produced from the AC unit and is then channeled through a series of ducts until it reaches the air vents throughout your home.

As air moves through the ductwork, dust and other debris will accumulate here. And as the months go by, more and more dust will settle onto the ductwork where eventually a layer will begin to form.

This dust needs to be professionally removed roughly every two years — or more frequently if you have a lot of family members and pets, have recently renovated parts of the house, have bad allergies, or if you smoke indoors (which you shouldn’t do).

Having your ducts cleaned is also a perfect opportunity to have them checked for any possible air leaks. Air leaks can cause warm air from outside to enter your ductwork, thus forcing your HVAC system to work harder to cool your home. This will shorten the lifespan of your cooling system and force you to replace it earlier than you should have to.

Seeing dust in your home is a warning sign. Your home is warning you that your indoor air quality is poor and needs correction.

When you need your ductwork professionally cleaned — we can help!
When you need your HVAC system inspected, serviced, repaired, or replaced — we can help!
When you need your indoor air quality improved for a healthier life — we can help!

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