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When you purchase a new air conditioning unit, proper installation is essential. If your technician does not put your air conditioning unit in properly, it may shorten the life of the unit and restrict its effectiveness. At RR Electric, Heating, & Air, we make it our goal to do jobs right the first time.

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Our family-owned company has been working with homeowners throughout Simi Valley and Ventura County since 1995. We believe that our clients are more important than our paychecks, which is why we use no-surprise pricing. You will not be billed by the hour with our company. Instead, we will give you a quote and stick to that price, no matter how long your project takes.

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

During the summer, your air conditioner runs more often than any other fixture in your home, and it typically runs well into the fall and early winter months as well. As a homeowner, one of the most challenging decisions you may have to make about your AC is in regard to when it’s time to replace it.

Replacing your current air conditioner may seem like a big investment, but the costs of continuing to repair and operate the old, inefficient unit can cost just as much, if not more, in the long run. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioner?

1) Energy Bills Are Higher Than Ever Before

During the summer months, California warms up to the point where it’s ridiculously hot. So hot where you need to be running the air conditioning 24/7 in order to stay comfortable. This will obviously cause your energy bills to rise during this time of the year.

However, for those with a faulty or older AC unit, your energy bills will be even higher than you ever expected. This is because when an AC unit is forced to work while it has a faulty part or is too old to continue, it will require more energy to cool your home to the desired temperature on your thermostat.

So when the bills start going up, up, and away — a replacement might be in your near future.

2) The House is Warmer Than What the Thermostat Displays

When you set the thermostat to a specific temperature, you expect the air in your home to become that temperature.

When this doesn’t happen, you could have a few different problems on your hands:

  • Your thermostat is old, malfunctioning, or placed too close to heat-emitting appliances/equipment and is misreading the temperatures.
  • Your ductwork is filled with air leaks that are causing warm air to enter the ductwork.
  • There is a faulty or malfunctioning part(s) that need to be addressed or replaced.

Sometimes the thermostat is at fault and is telling your HVAC system to do the wrong things — and other times it’s the HVAC system not being able to keep up with the requests from the thermostat.

3) The Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On

The most obvious sign that you need a new air conditioner is when it doesn’t kick on at all. This will usually happen when the compressor burns out.

When the compressor doesn’t work properly, the rest of the unit will refuse to turn on. Therefore, the compressor should be replaced altogether.

However, if your system is on the last leg of its life, a new compressor could cost you more money than its worth. In the long run, it might be worth it to scrap the broken unit and replace it with a brand new, energy efficient AC unit.

4) Repair Costs Start Adding Up

How many times have you had your AC unit repaired in the last few years? It’s been a few times, right?

As AC units get older and older, their parts start to break down and they’ll need to be fixed (or require replacements). Even though it’s usually less expensive to have your AC unit repaired, these repair costs can add up.

When you get to the point where you’ve had a few repairs that have cost you quite a bit of money in the last year or so — it might be time to replace the entire system. (The same theory goes for cars…)

Why keep dumping money into a broken AC system when you can invest into an energy efficient one?

5) It’s Reached the End of Its Useful Life

Is your AC system over a decade old? If so, you’re well on your way to becoming a candidate for a replacement air conditioning unit. The average useful life for an AC unit is right around the 10-year mark.

After a decade has passed, repairs become more frequent, energy costs begin to rise, and the efficiency of the unit will decrease. Making the switch to a new, energy-efficient unit will fix all of your most recent air conditioning woes!

When you’re ready to learn more about replacing your current, inefficient AC unit, your friends at RR Electric, Heating & Air will be here for you! We’ll help you figure out what the best option is for your home, and more importantly — your family!

Why Does the Size of Your AC Unit Matter?

As long as it gets the job donebrand new air conditioning unit, why does size make a difference? The real problem is how hard that the AC unit has to work to cool your entire home. If it's too small, the system will work overtime to do the job that a bigger AC unit could do in half the time.

In the end, a smaller unit will cost you more money on electricity because it has to run so often. To make matters worse, an AC unit that's too small will likely leave you with an uneven cooling job. This means that certain areas of your home will be cooler than others.

Signs Your AC Unit Is Too Small for Your Home

  • It Runs All the Time: The first and most common sign that your AC unit is too small for your house is when it runs all the time. It's not normal for an AC unit to always be blowing out cool air. If it does, then it's struggling to cool the square footage of your home. When you pick out an AC unit, pay attention to the BTUs, which are British thermal units. Experts say that an AC system needs at least 12,000 BTUs to remove 1 ton of heat. The bigger that your house is, the more heat that it retains. As a result, a large home needs an AC system with a high number of BTUs.
  • Dirty Air Filter: Do your air vents have low airflow coming out of them? This might simply be a sign of a dirty HVAC system filter. However, it might also be a sign that your AC unit isn't strong enough to push air evenly throughout your home. If this is a problem, you might notice that your rooms aren't cooled evenly.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Lastly, keep an eye out for high energy bills. If you notice a huge increase in your energy bill every time you turn on the AC, that's a sign that it's running too often. Although, it might also be a sign that your AC system is old and no longer energy efficient. In either case, it's time to upgrade.

What Should You Look for When Buying an AC Unit?

When you purchase a new AC unit, there are many factors to consider; however, the most important ones are:

  • SEER rating
  • Maximum square footage that it can cool

SEER stands for "seasonal energy efficiency ratio," which is a measurement of the unit's ability to cool over a typical cooling season. Then, that's divided by the unit's energy consumption.

When you compare SEER ratings, the higher number is better. For example, a unit with a SEER of 14 is less efficient than a unit that has a SEER of 24. With that said, there are other factors to take into account when you choose an AC unit for your home. A professional Simi Valley HVAC company can provide knowledgeable assistance.

Professional Technicians Are Essential for Proper Air Conditioner Installation

We recommend that you hire a professional for your installation because:

  • AC units are expensive and complicated
  • Electrical wiring can be dangerous
  • Removing an old AC unit is an intricate and detailed process
  • Installation requires specialized tools which can cost thousands of dollars
  • Air conditioners are an investment that should be properly maintained and cared for
  • Refrigerant lines must be placed specifically for optimal performance
  • Improper installation can reduce the efficiency of your unit
  • Attempting installation without certification and training can be dangerous

We work on all residential makes and models and are qualified to handle AC units and all additional accessories. Customer service is our top priority and we maintain extremely high standards for our work.

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In Southern California, an effective air conditioning unit is essential. Call RR Electric, Heating & Air today in Simi Valley or contact us using our online form.

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