New Year, New Home Habit

Creating Better Home Habits for 2020

We are not far into 2020, and for many, that can mean working hard to keep your list of new year's resolutions.

Though many might be personal goals, you might have a few spots on your list for new home habits, maybe even conservation tips.

Even if you don’t, we are here to help you get through this new year with smarter, new home habits. Whether it’s your electrical system, your home heating, or just a simple goal to keep up with cleaning and home clutter — these all can have a significant impact on your overall home.

Create a Cleaning List

A simple task, we know, but trust us — it can have a significant impact. By keeping up with dusting, vacuuming, and clutter, you are reducing your chances of dust and allergens in the air. This, in turn, improves your indoor air quality, helps your air filters work a little less than they have to, and keeps the chance of allergies and asthma symptoms low.

Though dusting and vacuuming are important weekly tasks, your blinds, curtains, and blankets can all hold on to dust and allergens, too, so work out a schedule to rotate these cleaning tasks into your schedule. 

Pro Tip: If you haven’t already, consider getting a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure you are trapping all dust and allergens you can.

Pay Attention to Your Electric

Constantly tripping circuits? Do you live in an older home that still has the original electricity, too? These are both signs that your electrical panel may need an upgrade. Older homes were not built to sustain today’s daily electrical usage. Not to mention, if you plan on selling your home — and lower panel can help detur buyers from signing on that line.

For some, an electrical rewiring might be an option to consider, too. Added safety and increase home value are all benefits you’ll see when you consider rewiring your home. Not to mention, when you do so, you can add in more outlets or troubleshoot any other issues you may be noticing. You might even consider having a trusted electrician take a look at your current home lighting and offer suggestions on how you can improve it, too.

Beyond the upgrades, you can take daily steps to lower your energy usage too. Many appliances, though not on, can still draw electricity when plugged in, also known as phantom energy. One way to stop this is that appliance that you don’t use all the time, such as a tv, game system, or lights in a game room or guest room can all be added to a power strip. By doing this, you can turn the power strip on and off when using these appliances, so they aren’t using unneeded electricity.

Home Comfort Without The Extra Cost

Today’s home comfort system is easier than ever to maneuver (especially with the rise of the smart thermostat), but that doesn’t mean people aren’t misusing them daily. For instance, it’s not uncommon for many to believe that shooting up your thermostats a few degrees will get your home warmer faster. Others might keep their temperatures at the same degree, even when no one's home. Both of these could be leading to extra energy waste.

A drastic change in temperature will not warm or cool off a room any quicker; it will just put more stress on the system. On the other hand, keeping a place at a steady temperature wastes energy, too. That’s where smart thermostats come in for the win. They allow you to set daily habits, as well as adjust your home’s temperature right from your phone. So if you rush out in the morning for work and forget to change the temperature, you can do so directly from an app. A few changes and you can start to see a difference in your energy bill.

For days where you don’t want to use your heat, consider letting the sun in for extra warmth. Layering up, or using a ceiling fan (that rotates clockwise) at a lower speed, can all help keep the room cozy and comfortable throughout the colder months.

The most accurate way to ensure your heat is always working at it’s more energy efficient best is by keeping up with your regular tune-up. Our team of professionals will check all aspects of your system to make sure that any small issues are addressed before they lead to a significant and costly breakdown.

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