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Do you know what’s in the water that’s flowing through your plumbing and out through your taps and appliances? There’s one thing that’s certain: it’s not as pure as it might seem. Southern California is notorious for hard water, which contains concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium, in addition to other substances and chemicals that may exist in small quantities. While hard water may not necessarily be bad for you, it can be bad for your plumbing, causing mineral buildup on your fixtures and in your appliances.

The solution? A premium water purification system installed by the expert plumbers at RR Electric, Heating & Air! Since 1995, our team has been the one customers have turned to when something goes wrong with their home, and our dependable team has been there to provide high-quality solutions and customer service that’s unmatched anywhere else. With nearly a quarter-century in business, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence in both the workmanship we provide and the materials and components we use. We’re not happy with the job we do unless you’re happy with it as well, and that mission is what has led us to so much success.

If you’re tired of dealing with your hard water issues, call RR Electric, Heating & Air at (805) 416-1875 today to request information about our water purification solutions in Simi Valley and throughout Ventura County.

Water Purification Systems

A whole-home water purification system is the ideal solution for your hard water problems. These specialized devices use multi-stage filtration technology that removes everything from dissolved chemicals to minerals to other impurities that may or may not be naturally occurring. As a result, you’re left with clean, great-tasting water from any tap in your home.

Why should you install a whole-home water purification system?

  • Less wear and tear on your plumbing fixtures
  • Increased lifespan on your appliances
  • Cleaner bathing water
  • Better-tasting food
  • Drinkable water right from your tap

The biggest benefit to modern water purification systems is that they are virtually maintenance-free. No worrying about replacing filters or filtration media; no replacing large, heavy tanks like traditional water softener systems; and no expensive or environmentally-damaging salt refills. Once your system is installed, you’ll be able to enjoy years and years of clean, fresh water all throughout your home!

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are not as efficient as whole-home water filtration systems, but for those on a budget, they can provide you with clean water for drinking and cooking right at your kitchen sink. This time-tested technology also requires no maintenance, runs without consuming any electricity, and generally lasts for years before needing replacement. However, they aren’t the best at saving water—it takes an average of roughly four gallons of water from your supply to produce one gallon of filtered water.

Let our team outfit your home with a water purification system! Contact RR Electric, Heating & Air today.

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